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Let’s talk about ACA repeal

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So I want to talk about the ACA repeal effort for a minute.

When the House tried this at first, there was a really serious popular mobilization, and it was blocked. People called. They mobbed their representatives’ town halls. They chased down those who refused to hold them. People were angry.  When the first attempt at repeal went down, this was treated by a lot of people as a final result, and a lot of people (not everyone!) stood down.

After a time, the House rushed another vote, this time giving very little warning before the vote was held. The GOP succeeded in passing it. This was treated by many as an inevitable result–even though the push back this time was far less intense. Almost immediately, a common refrain was heard that there was no way the Senate would follow suit.

After the action moved to the Senate, the pushback has never (or at least not yet) reached the levels that it did in the first round of the House. Other issues have dominated media coverage. In last day or so we’re seeing reports that the Senate GOP has lined up the votes and plan to pass it in the coming weeks.  Once again, we’re seeing the idea that this is a done deal. Even though we have some time before the vote, a lot of commentators are taking a fatalistic stance.

But there is still time. None of these things are one-off. Politics is not only about moments, it is about a continuing process. But stopping the Senate vote is key!

And it’s important to realize, we don’t have to choose. You can play defense and offense at the same time. (Imagine any sport where you only played defense, or vice versa.) We cab oppose cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, and oppose ACA repeal, but at the same time demand Medicare for All, more public hospitals and clinics, and so on.

Nothing ensures losing like not fighting. Celebrate by going and getting a win. Make them regret ever talking about this issue. Make them abandon any interest in brining this up for a vote again. Ignore those who toggle between telling you things are impossible and that they are inevitable. Understand that politics involves struggle and contingency.

Make them fear you.


Written by David Kaib

June 8, 2017 at 10:42 pm

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