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  1. Maybe this is ‘trolling’ but i don’t quite get, from my deep (though conceivably flawed, though i find that nearly inconceivable because i have never detected any flaws in myself) research on this essay (i skimmed it, partly due to bias—i’m skeptical of academics at UCSB writing about poverty (and i’ve been through there—i picked lemons in vallejo—only gringo in the crew since Americans, unlike mexicans (of course with no us green cards) know this is the ‘information age’ so all informed people produce the basic need of information, and know that ‘produce’ comes from Whole Paycheck Market (though if California goes dry maybe there wont be ‘nevermore’ , quoth the raven). i remember hearing one NYU grad with a PhD in sociology explaining how his deep research led him to discover that there is poverty in harlem and bed-sty (jacobin’s editors home, where houses now sell for near 1million$, and hence are quite affordable ).

    My father had a ‘great society ‘ job at UPO in DC (same place Marion Barry had his start (who i saw a few years ago at the UPO on MLK ave SE) until he got his own project called ‘pride, inc’ at 16th and u). (This was after an earlier stint in arkansas where my parents also got involved as ‘white liberals’ who were anti-Faubus and for school integration (so the National Guard got called in; just as they parked in front of my house in DC during the 68 riots—i asked could i have one machine gun since my parents refused to let me play with guns, and they said ‘no’ so i told them to leave because we dont allow loitering on this corner (except for the local drunk who often passed out there after getting some food from us).

    Sure, the war on poverty could be seen as ‘recuperation’ , like putting black people on the police force, or even ‘racial integration’ in general—which many black people think sortuh destroyed cohesion and viabillity of the black community—the ‘best and the brightest’ leave, and shop in Georgetown rather than say, anacostia.

    I sortuh dislike the way people throw around terms like ‘liberal’. As I wrote in my first book, ‘take that pick out of your eye before you start calling someone blind’. Cast the first stone, in the Lottery (Shirley Jackson story). Alot of liberals are in the ‘front lines’ (my mom was at MLK march on washington as a sort of monitor—she told the people ‘turn down the James Brown ‘i’m black and i’m proud’ song because the police were getting nervous, fearing a riot. I knew a bunch of ‘radical’ environmentalists fighting to save the earth or getting their little homestead somewhere to live off the land, without noting that they were actually on what was on indian land. yeah, occupy everything, and give me conveniance or give me death (DK’s—a SF punk band who got beat up pretty bad by my local punk band in the mission district because the DK’s got 4g$ and the locals got 150$ for a gig (the ‘f-k ups’, on youtube—always played at the ‘tool n die’ with MDC, black flag, fear, social distortion, big boys, flipper,intensified chaos etc. before gentrification was big in the mission; now its all google i hear), .

    I know its not pc but to an extent there is a ‘culture of poverty’ (and actually i’m probably in it, as a ‘cultural worker’ —its my party and i’ll cry if i want to, and you would too if it happenned to you, and then maybe try to sell it to you (song by leslie gore, on youtube). ‘got 99 problems but a b-tch aint one (JayZ)). (the book ‘tally’s corner’ was written on 11th st nw; i even used to buy what the Rayfield Evans crew sold there (not crack ) until i got a gun pulled on me for complaining about quality—i said i was going to call the better business bureau on them.

    its sortuh like the issue of ‘reform vs revolution’. some say reform is ‘false opposition’ (see for example AJODA ‘manifesto’ from the 80’s), or ‘recuperation’. (a term i view as somewhat like ‘horizontalism’ or intersectionality’ used to dress up old ideas into a discourse for a priestly class to use to confuse the m/asses so they buy them a church or institution. People can’t tell the difference between say, e=mc**2 and some formula from Lacan (eg ‘larval subjects’ blog), but NSF and DoD can.

    So, should there be a war on poverty, or maybe a culture of poverty instead (eg Shumaker’s ‘small is beautiful’)? Is teach for america a good idea—appearence counts, and its looks good on a CV. ‘i gave at the office because i care’.

    As the prof at UCSB notes, liberalism’s analyses of the culture of poverty was deeply flawed. Some say, similarily, that Einstein’s work after 1935 was also deeply flawed (eg EPR paradox).(Einstein did testify in favor of Robeson during the McCarthy ‘communism’ hearings; Robeson was the first blakc person my mom ever saw or met, when she interviewed him for her college newspaper, i think part of the Ivy League— N Dakota agricultural college (i come from a family of famous academics, my grandma was the principle and maybe only teacher at a 1 room schoolhouse there too (no electrcity either).

    So maybe we should reject liberalism. As an alternative to recuperative reformism, we could adopt a radical strategy, like adbusters and naomi klein or Z magazine—stop believing the hype, and instead take the red pill and drink jim jones’s koolaid

    (see also thomas cool,
    sortuh math econ and math logic, but possibly a bit cranky)

    and adopt stalin’s program (see Grover Furr on this—-stalin never killed anyone, and he was nice to children, as hitler was to dogs—chomsky supported a holocaust dernier’s right to free speech because the US constitution guarantees life to be free at last, no money down). Bill cosby has given testimony affirming Furr’s analyses, since he was there (like jackson 5–‘ill be there’). Also, ‘can i get witness’ (Marvin Gaye, on youtube). qeda not.


    December 3, 2014 at 2:18 am

  2. ps. i looked at the article again. i sortuh agree with it. (i met a ‘georgist economist’ (nicholas tideman at Va Tech—one of the few henry georgist i think in academia)—he loaned me his book (seeing if i was interested in grad school there) , which i didnt return since the police raided the place i was staying for something i wasnt connected with (i was actually staying with a fomer Va Tech economics prof who got his PhD under R Solow at MIT, but started giving economics lectures under the influence of LSD so he got kicked out). my dad started the first head start program in DC, in my neighborhood. also, LBJ had a photo shoot at the white house on headstart and needed some impoverished children to be in the picture, so my dad went a few blocks to the ‘shanty town ‘ (actually broken down tiny row houses) and rounded up some kids. That place got to be a place of contestion since they wanted to bulldoze the whole area like they did in SW (‘urban renewal (also called negro removal). Eventually, people got to buy the property, but in the 80’s people started to sell them since its now trendy. Only a very few of original families are there now.The houses used to cost like 5-8G$; now they are probably like 800G$. House i grew up in cost 20G$; it was sold for over 900g$ and now is 4 condos, each one in that price range. Last time i stopped by to look at it, on my bike, the police asked me what i was doing there—i said i’m leaving.


    December 3, 2014 at 2:33 am

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