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  1. […] many advocates thought the event did their job for them, and as a result they did not do their job. Their job is to pressure politicians to discuss and act when it prefers not […]

  2. […] to fight them. We have to push all the players to take clear, unambiguous stands.  That means getting aggressive with those who are supposed to be […]

  3. […] But this requires a movement. It requires sustained mobilization.  It requires making bold demands. It requires pressuring politicians we like to think of as our allies. […]

  4. […] would make sure the members worked for them, not the other way around, that members “fear and loathe” them.  Interest groups and unions could also transform themselves from operating like arms […]

  5. […] Social Security was enacted in response to mass mobilization. It can only be saved through mass mobilization. Let’s take the third rail metaphor seriously.  Touching the third rail on train tracks means you get shocked. That’s what we need. Something shocking.  Something isn’t standard. Something that challenges the donors–the funders, and the politicians they fund.  They have made it clear they aren’t listening. But they would if they feared us. […]

  6. […] The answer is a mass movement. That requires independence from public officials and a willingness to press them, even when they say the right things, have the right enemies. and claim to be allies. It requires making them loath and fear us. […]

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